Chrissy is a gardener with a keen interest in collecting and growing from seed, taking a close look at the complexity of plant forms and how they fulfill their brief.

Chrissy works mostly with porcelain, making fine detailed lamps, pendants, wall lights and candle burners by taking pressings from favorite plants. She also collects fine linen, lace, and lava stones for use in the pieces. The lamps are often secured together like a corset with 'buttons' made from casts of flowers or fine dolls' heads. All pieces are made in season and with the freshest of foliage, making each piece unique and capturing the essence spring and summer for reflexion in the darker winter months.

To capture a plant in its fresh vibrant state within the clay is to preserve its ‘life’ for an eternity. The soft light produced by the translucent porcelain contrasts with the piercing light shining through the plant pressings to give a photographic impression of the details within the plant, which creates a lively and tantalizing surface.

Chrissy gained a BA in art and design before taking a postgraduate course in Ceramics at Goldsmiths College. She has been working as a Ceramic artist since graduating in 1989.

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