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To capture a plant in its fresh vibrant state within the clay is to preserve its life for an eternity
Chrissy is a passionate gardener and potter. She works with porcelain lighting making fine detailed lamps, pendant lights and tea light holders. Chrissy presses plant material into the clay to get prints from the plant, she also uses pieces of fine linen, lace, and lava stones. All pieces are made in season and with fresh foliage, making each piece unique and capturing the essence of the seasons for reflection in the darker winter months.
The soft light emanating from translucent porcelain contrasts with the piercing light shining through where plants have been pressed to give a ghost image of the details of the plant. Plants and soft lighting nurture your soul !!
Commissions can be made to order using  Wedding flowers or plants of your choice......                              Contact Chrissy for details
                                                            07956669273      Chrissysilverceramics

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